Wednesday, December 07, 2005


because ive been so busy being a super important record executive as well as being a very unimportant late blooming college student, ive been slacking on posting lately. but because i have such a kind heart and self aggrandizing ego, ive decided to leave a few post regarding my thoughts and experiances with:


goth poetry
black serial killers
rap music
being conflicted
yanging ass yangers
and getting stoned

i know, its cheap, but i aint be gottin the time to post anything else, ya dig? besides, why read something boring when you can read something only kinda boring? so see, im saving you time by just getting down to the real nitty gritty of this blog [apparently of which can be summerized in just 9 post], and if i decided to write an actual post it would just be me complaining about how im too busy to post, or talking about porno and drugs, both of which have been covered quite enough on other, wider read blogs let alone investigated in this here thief of precious time [with its pretentious, oh im so dark and mysterious, black background and half assed attempts at luring readers with fading celebrities profoundly thick pubic bushes].

whatever, this is what im offering for now

so spread that on your toast and eat it.


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