Tuesday, November 08, 2005

If you are in New York tonight

Listening Party at the Kodak One Gallery| 102 Wooster st. in Soho
Genorously brought to you by Wax Poetics Magazine, Sound In Color, Kindred Spirits, BBE and Studio Distribution.
featuring DJ's:

Rich Medina [in my opinion, the foremost DJ working New York]
DJ Scribe [from Raw Fusion, best left field Hip Hop club on the planet]
OP! [from BBE my man killing the floor with the forward thinking soul and R&B]
Shakeyface [one of my main soldiers who brings the space funk for the space funk junkies]

the music should be good. no great. no, insane, nothing less than inspiring, if not hip shattering. you should go if youre into that sort of thing...


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