Wednesday, January 05, 2005

yanging ass haters

see. thats what im talking about. fools always gotta be hatin. why you gotta hate fools? is it my fault yo skanky ass mama got all loosey goosey on 'ludes and let some fool plant his chump ass seed on her ass crack in the early 70's? is it my fault that chump ass seed dripped down her ass crack into her flappin ass vaginal lips and unfortunately, through some freak biological eventuality, she got preggers and had you? is that my fault bitchez? hells naw. so why you gotta be hatin? and why you always gotsta be talking yang? yang yang yang. thats all i hear from you suckas. yang.

hey jon, can you find out if yang did that yang yet and get yang to me?

mr. g, this is yang of Yang & Yang associates, we have a yang thats overdue and we were wondering if you were planning to yang this yang.

whaddup yo, i just got some yang and imma bout to go yang and yang my yang.

damn son, thats some yanging ass yang!

hatin ass fools talkin all their fuckin yang. im sick of it. god damn. you guys are lucky im lazy and forgot my anti-yang weapons back in the disco era cuz if i had em there would be the blood of hatin yang talkin fools splattered across every fuckin wall in new york city by now. yang blood everywhere. and poo. cuz of course i would have to take the fattest, chunkiest dump on every hatin yang talker i came across [this would entail a substantial increase of fiber in my diet but i would take most any preperation i had to in order to ensure that when my anti-yang blade hit their yang pumping jugular vein, their face was already covered in my healthy, fiber riddled shit].

like this guy i ask this fool if he can tell me how to put pictures up on this gay ass blog and hes like -read the faq dude. im all, oh, read the faq? you want me to read the faq? ok, i'll read the faq, but first how about I READ YOUR FACE WITH THIS MUTHAFUCKIN KNIFE BITCH!! jab. twist. jab. twist.

shoo. just for that imma post another pic.

Wah De Tah Yangers


Blogger backspacer said...

damn, you are fucking funny as hell. i linked you again on my new piece cause these people should be reading you for real.


loved it.

2:32 PM EST  

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