Monday, January 03, 2005

be kissin teeth

shoo. i always gotta be stoned n shit. like im some sorta stupid head or suntin. if you saw how much i be smokin you be like, 'DANG!' for real, its fucked up homie. i always gotta be smokin the weed n shit. always gotsta be gettin my trees or clockin my sacks or scoopin my herb or scoring my grass. i mean, i be just layin there, smokin weed and being like, 'what?' and shruggin like im some.. i dunno.. super weed smokin mackdaddy or suntin. shoo. i needs to be going to ITS and gettin me a degree in electritionry or suntin. thats what i NEEDS to be doin. shoo. not just sittin here cherrying up these shrubs. why i cant be doin nuttin smart like that? DAMN FOOL!! WHY DONT I STOP BEING SO STOOPID!!! SHOOO!!!! im sayin doe, for real. i always gotta be smokin some spliff or bong or can or apple or gravity bong or corncob or tampax or suntin. DAAAAANNNG!!! i always gotsta be doin SUNTIN.
shoo. i best ta chill. or imma be dumb.
watch. from doin this. imma be hella dumb. shoo.
{jerks neck side to side like an egyption robot]


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