Wednesday, November 09, 2005

believe the hype

new york is getting colder. ive taken my sweaters out of the closet, ive pulled the a/c from the window. i put all my shorts in this large black storage container we got specifically for storing out of season clothes. this is new. we never had out of season clothes in san francisco's perpetual autumn. so we never had to buy an out of season clothes stortage container. thats an east coast thing.

when it starts to get cold my muscles tighten. they clench up, as if trying to hide from the chill. sometimes when i get home from the outside i notice that my shoulders are stiff and tense, and as the warmth loosens them the ache from squeezing all day lingers and it feels like i got a work out.

we took out the big down comforter that my friend chuck sent me last winter. he had stolen it from his job at Marshell Fields in Chicago, where he was a warehouse manager or something. it keeps us toasty all night, making it hard to climb from bed each morning. my girlfriend got a classy duvet cover and now our bed looks like something from a better homes magazine. it fit our queen size perfectly. thanks chuck.

in other news: ive really gotten into the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. all my hipster freinds groan when i sing their praises. you are a victim of hype, they say, its all the press. but i genuinely think they are pretty good. maybe i am just believing the hype. maybe they suck and i cant tell yet. whatever, i'll enjoy them until im enlightened i guess.

i found a thread in a forum that list a lot of hip hop rumours. interesting, sometimes funny stuff like "Big Pun clocked Jay Z in the head with a bottle of rum at a concert one time," and "Nas doesnt work with Pete Rock anymore because Pete was fucking his girlfriend [or sister]" i dont know whats true and what isnt, some definitely were, some were questionable. ill find and post it later.


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