Tuesday, April 26, 2005

we shall overcome

do i have something in my teeth?

we blacks like to take a more impulsive and passionate approach towards murder. we prefer a quick, manic action rather than a methodical and premeditated course. our schemes are sudden and swiftly executed, not strategic and precise. our modus operandi are usually things like the drive by, or the drunken shank, maybe an impromptu pistol whipping or the old fashioned gang up. sure, every now and again we'll get a little advanced on a nigga and have to kidnap fools, or maybe even set some chump up for a major jack. but mostly we just gat each other or get a stab in during a pile up. of course, sometimes we gotta blast some fool in the course of a robbery, or beat some sucka into a coma for stickin his dick in our women. but for the most part, our murder crimes are of the common variety.

white people on the other hand, get creative in their bloodshed. their have been innumerable amount of cases where some cracka has eatin his victim or peeled their skin off or kept the body in his house so he can 'pleasure' it with his magic wand for weeks after they were dead. they have made countless movies on the demented crimes whites have done to society. and it has been widely noted that a large majority of history's most twisted serial killers have been of the Caucasian race. so there you have it. crackas got the frenzied massacre faction of the society pretty sewn up. they got it locked.

and not like this is new news. comedians have been pointing this out for ages. some make their entire pathetic careers outta such painfully obvious observances. but im just stoned and decided to ramble a bit before i got to my point: there is a new sick demented wacko murder child molester pervert on the scene, and he's black.

damn yo, cant a nigga mass murder in peace!

thats right bitches. we bout to take that away from you too. first basketball. then boxing. then football. then music. then, to much surprise, tennis. then, to even more surprise and shock, golf. now freaky serial killers. ha!

and we are gonna show you how its DONE suckas! you gonna be catchin us elbow deep in a trannies ass while reading ancient latin scriptures and eating the eyeballs of endangered owls. you are gonna find the heads of old chinese women in our freezer with their tongues cut out and strangely benign looks on their faces. you are gonna balk at the sex we had with animals in the basement, and vomit when you smell the decomposing flesh stuffed in between our piss and shit stained mattresses. yup, its gonna be quite a site. you crakas aint SEEN serial killing yet.

i cant wait. im bout to go get some hair relaxer, some barbecue sauce, and a white van with no windows on it tomorrow. thats right bitches. its bouta ta be ON.


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