Thursday, January 06, 2005

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fuckin satanist.

im not going to go into some long Seinfeldian diatribe, but satanist make no sense at all.

take Satan: now, im no expert on santanism or anything, so one must take whatever im going on about with a grain of salt, but my guess is Satan is like, the evilest evil of all evil things. i dont know if Satan is considered a guy thats red with a red beard and a red tail and sharp crooked red horns blooming from his hairy red dome, or if Satan is like, a spirit or a philosophy or this pure cloud of evil [that can take any shape or form and can be like, your VASE or your HANDSOAP and you wouldnt even know why your red roses died or your hands smelled like shit but it would be because of, guess who? Satan]. i dont know WHAT exactly Satan is but i figure Satan is the leader of all Satanist and is pure evil and all that.

i must confess that i dont care about Satan. whatever or whoever Satan may be. to me, there is no Satan. simple. sure there is guilt and remorse and temptation and sadness and hurt and death and loss and all things tragic that we must suffer. and worse yet, we have developed a written language from which to share this horror for future generations to grieve over as they ache through their own similar trial. still, this is only the nature of things, nothing and no one causes it. Satan is but an idea and evil is essentially a word. from these are born, satanist..

what im wondering is why do satanist have goatees and whats up with the gong?

i can imagine the photographer taking the picture:

ok, the chick with the devil hand sign in the air, you are ROCKIN GIRL!!! go on with ya satanist self! (hit me up later on the celly, we'll totally fuck.) but step a little to the left cause youre kinda blocking the gong. yo, dunny in the middle, the green on the inside of your evil velvet cape is totally showing. we are trying to create a dark black aesthetic here ok? DARK. BLACK. got it? close the cape, and the fact that your beret is GRAY instead of BLACK is totally already ruining the doomy mood were trying to build. c'mon dude. quit being such an unenthusiastic handjob here. if not for me, for Satan. ok? ok. little wimpy latino looking guy, youre doing good. keep it up. i FEEL the submissive goth worship vibe youre emoting with that drippy praying pose. stay just like THAT. alright, now everybody on three.. one... two... three ... HAIL SATAN!

i am POSITIVE that when the original idea of Satan was created it did not involve a beret or a gong. a cape, maybe. a chick with the devil sign in the air, totally. but a beret and a gong? im suspect.

this is all just silly.

end bit.


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