Sunday, November 06, 2005


ive been thinking about cutting off my netflix account. its not that i dont think its a remarkable service, on the contrary, i sing its praises and have been since i learned it existed. being a movie hound as well as an occasional hermit, its services complimented my lifestyle perfectly. as a matter of fact, the only time i ever seriously considered investing in a company's stock was when i found out that netflix was going public. i advised everyone i know about it, -it would be a wise decision to get in on this from the ground floor, i said, -i have a feeling this companies going places.

but i have to get rid of my account. i just dont use it as much as i should, and mathematically, it just doesn't make sense anymore. i try to watch all the movies in my queue, but can hardly make a dent. i just dont have the time. between school, work, my girlfriend and tivo, netflix has just taken a backseat. sure, we have movies at the house, but do we watch them? no, they sit there, collecting dust, mocking us.

to make our netflix account work for us we have to watch about 5 movies a month. that evens out the amount we pay for the service assuming video rentals are about $4.25 a pop. this sounds easy until you get that one french new wave flick that you really have to be in the mood to watch. and you just let it sit there, waiting for the desire to catch you. eventually its been three months and every time you think of Truffaut or Goddard you want to stab yourself in the eye. after a while you just send it back, unwatched and ashamed, so that you can get Bad Boys 2 because you heard hella shit gets blowd up in it. and you put the french new wave flick back in your queue and swear that next to you are TOTALLY gonna watch it.

every now and then you watch a movie that you have wanted to watch for ages, and it satisfies you in every way. that happened yesterday when we got Rize, a documentary about Krumping in south central LA. i think i might write a more in depth review of it for this blog later tonight, but if i dont get around to that let me just say that i was blown back by this film and think if anyone is reading this they should check it out. it was so good im rethinking my position on canceling netflix, if i can see a movie that good once a month, even if it cost me $20, then its worth it.

p.s., this post was the first one written on my powerbook. whats up with mac's not having all the blogger shortcuts that a PC does?


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