Sunday, January 16, 2005

bored black man

all my thoughts are broken.

[i know i know, thats totally goth of me to start with a sentence that sounds like a trent reznor lyric, but i gotta a little of that in me. theres hip hop pool party jon. theres brooding techno dj jon. theres jeans and tshirt witty and sensitive indie rock jon. theres finger snapping cool knit hat sporting funk and soul jon. and there is suburban goth teen jon, who you read here today. eat it bitches.]

ANYWAY.. so, all my thoughts are broken right? and i was sitting here listening to this sisters of mercy album and crying while cutting my thigh with a razor blade when i felt i should write this poem to express my inner conflict. its very dark and mystical. BEWARE!!


the darkness surrounds me
i suffocate in its blackness
all black, choking me
black black
black dark black
black black bliggity black
bliggity bliggity bliggity
black to the black dark black
bliggity bliggity black black black
my parents got divorced

doesnt that poem just BURN INTO YOUR SOUL??? it is so goth it STINGS doesnt it? it took me six hours to write. and i smoked three joints and drank two beers in the process. but i think its ALL worth it. dont you?

jesus christ this blog is going to hell in a handbasket.

end bit.


Blogger backspacer said...

my "lol" might have been inappropriate.

1:26 PM EST  

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