Thursday, March 06, 2008

fools gold

ive got the night off. i havent had a thursday free in i dont know how long. ages, i guess.

i could use the money but i could also use the time. ive been out of sorts the last few days. its time to organize. its time to narrow down my focus, ive got too many peripherals, too many urges, too many distractions. i just have to focus on the real prizes, all the rest is fools gold.

and today the cold light of winter sun has attached itself to the streets of brooklyn. it will be in this crisp, damp weather that i run my errands and then sit on my stoop smoking cigarettes and decoding the future.

i got my hair cut yesterday. i look sexier than i did when i was eight years old and ask any pedophile that prowled the san francisco streets during the 80's and they'll tell you: i was a sexy fucking eight year old.

so tonight me and my new haircut and my new stern focus on life will be taking work off. i will watch LOST and, for a moment, try to decrypt the islands mysteries. then i will gather my wits and try not to lose myself in all that is meaningless. i will focus on words then, but only those with significance, only those with a gravity in them. and i will listen to music and in this music i will find some semblance of peace.


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