Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a brief release

its been a long day. i woke up still involved in a dream i was having where i was at a cabin on a river with two close friends of mine. in it we were happy but confused and one of them wore a life vest and the other stood next to a brown tiled counter where there was a big bowl of roasted almonds and he was dipping his hand in and grabbing singular nuts and then rolling them in his fingers. she was standing outside near a river bank and the current of it roared by in a loud and angry wash. she was saying something i couldnt hear or cant remember. i was inside, sitting on a stool, i think.

anyway, when i finally crawled out of sleep i wanted to write them. i wanted to make them a mix tape. i wanted to prove my love to them. but i didnt. i worked and surfed the internet and chatted with friends and worked some more. there was so much to do. i just never got around to sending them any devotion. oh well. cest la vie. ill reach out later i guess.

i had to hit the post office and the bank and the liquor store and the market. i needed to mail some promos and deposit some money and cop a bottle of jameson and grab a six pack of magic hat number 9. i got it all done too, and even updated my ipod. ive been on the tee cee oh bee train folks. taking care of business. as if you aint already know.

i got a chuckle out of this image. bill cosby is kind of creepy. for some reason that image reminds me of being molested at a discoteque in some magical land where girls dont fart. dont ask me what that means, its just what that image reminds me of. and dont ask me how im reminded of that, its too painful to speak about.


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