Friday, February 29, 2008

how do i good?

you know what xanax is not doing for me right now? making me any less anxious. xanax is not exercising the pharmaceutical nature from which it was created. it is not taking the worry away. it is not untangling my nerves. it is not easing my uncertainty. the xanax i have taken, plain and simple, is not working.

maybe ive got too much on my plate. maybe, again, i have stretched myself too thin. im stuck beneath a pile of things. record campaigns. dj gigs. bar duties. strange fancies that leave me suffering. words that are unwritten and even those written. maybe ive got burdens that cant even be lifted by chemicals. maybe these trials need to be faced with a clear head, in order to truly grasp the gravity of them. maybe im over reacting. maybe i just need a beer.


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