Monday, February 25, 2008

stutter steps

ok lets try this again.

im supposed to be writing every day. i have in ways, ive been writing for school and what not, but i havent been posting here. ive been tempted to start a new blog so that i can [i dont want to update this one with a bunch of irrelevant musings written while half sleep and/or drunk]. i havent though. this could be because im lazy. so very lazy. so very very lazy.

in any case, this is the first post of my "writing every day" challenge. its not going over so well thus far.

last night after closing up the bar i went to another bar and had more drinks with some friends. one of them was celebrating a birthday so i was buying all the liquor. the place was pretty much empty except for us and a few others. i started with a makers makers manhattan and it went downhill from there.

he was explaining to me a situation he is in. one that i cant go too into detail about because this is a public forum and that was a private matter. hes having women troubles. arent we all?

at one point while we were outside smoking a cigarette a girl that had been in the bar joined us. id seen her inside and noticed her eyeing my direction but didnt make much of it. i forget her name but we shook hands outside and she made it clear that she was single and i smiled my smile. she was a cocktail waitress at a pool hall in my neighborhood. she was there with two of her friends. they were all fairly cute and i was fairly drunk so i laid on the charm because thats just whats natural.

after we finished our cigarette we all went inside and instead of joining the girls at their table i sat at a booth with my friend and engaged myself in conversation. it revolved around love and freedom and where our morals lie. i told him that being in love with two people was normal that i knew from experience and it was hard and complex but it was what it was and sometimes you just have to resign yourself to the nature of things. he clinked glasses to that and laughed.

when we went out for another cigarette another girl was out there. she was even cuter than the first one and was smoking menthol 100's. i struck up conversation with her and she told us we were loud and obnoxious and i smiled and said thats how we are baby and asked her name. she didnt work at the pool hall but she was a cocktail waitress and she had big beautiful saucer eyes and was drinking martinis.

the night was cold but the alcohol kept us warm and back inside the bar we toasted friends and women and cigarettes. the girls kept flirting with their eyes and we kept drinking and being loud and obnoxious. i switched from manhattans to a beer and a jameson neat. finally the clock struck four am and we were told we had to leave. we didnt have to go home but we couldnt stay there. i stumbled into the crisp morning air with my arm around my friend and a rolled smoke hanging from my lips. when i got home the bed was empty. there isnt much left to talk about after that.

oh yeah, my friend sent this to me. in the butt indeed my friend. in the butt indeed...


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