Tuesday, February 26, 2008

mighty mouse

i went to the barber shop yesterday to get my afro chopped but my guy wasnt there. i usually go to the same guy, a jamaican fellow with big teeth and a deft skill with the clippers, but if he isnt there i have tried another guy, a fat bald dude that likes to talk a lot of shit while hes cutting you up. both dudes are good. neither of them are there. my hair is getting truly unreasonable. it needs to be tamed.

i would get it cut today if i had the time. but i dont, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. oh well.

this is going to be a strange week. the cats away, shes in Cancun with a friend probably showing her tits for the internet. she left this morning and wont be back until sunday or so. this means many many things, most notably, super loud porno on the living room tv.

but thats not the only thing lends a curious pattern to this final week of february. i have thursday off at the bar, which means ill be able to watch LOST when it actually airs instead of at three in the morning. im pretty excited about that.

i took that day off because im djing on saturday night. i got a four hour set booked and it pays a nice chunk of change. its going to be a serious party. ill be killing some hard soul and classic house. it should be a regular gig, every other week. we'll see how that pans out.

tonight though, i have to go to class. im not excited about that. when i get home though ill have the place to myself. its gonna get messy.


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