Tuesday, July 19, 2005

squeezing it in

i was going to start posting everyday, no matter if i had something to say or not. i was gonna sit down in front of the computer and just let the sentences form themselves, everyday, for an undetermined amount of time. i figured sometimes i would type a lot, sometimes i would type a little. it didnt matter as long as i posted something, anything, at all.

but my internet is still down at the palace [one would think that "the palace" would have a pretty sturdy internet connection, being of such a regal title and all, but nope. its ghetto, just like a majority of my worldy possesions (see: cell phone, turntable stand, choice of malt liquer)] so im limited to squeezing out my inner dialog in between meetings, phone calls, emails and all other tedious task that are demanded of me at work. this is all fine and dandy but there are days when my duties are overwhelming to say the least, so there really is no time to flesh out my thoughts via a blogpost. and by the time im done with work, or at least when i cant take anymore of it, im jetting home on the first 2 train [or F train depending on which bodega i wanna hit up before i crash the castle] and as you well know, my home internet is still down.

besides, i have to take a business trip to fun and exciting minnesota this weekend and still dont own a laptop so that would have put the smack down on any plans to blog everyday anyway. so today, im going to share with you some of my morning, if anyone knows how i feel about tuesday they know its just as inconsitant and insignificant as any other day, so this post will get forgotten like the rest. that being said, prepare to get your time wasted.

-this morning on the subway i glanced up from my book and saw one of those trimspa ads with anna nicole showing off her new [or is it her old], slimmer figure. this wouldnt have been of any note, but i noticed she had gotten dreads. shit looked ridiculous. all i have to say about that is anna, that hair aint working on you.

-on another train a woman slapped around her kid and threatened to send him to california where "he would never fucking see her again." the kid was sobbing and reaching out to hold her, his mother, but she would push him away. that fucking bitch doesnt deserve to have children. that kid is probably going to have a perpetually broken heart, he will probably have a distorted sense of love and appreciation, and all because his stupid idiot fucking mother that didnt want a child and shouldnt have had a child and now regrets her slutty ways, takes it out on her child in the form of verbal and physical abuse. im sure she was frustrated and probably a bit strung out, and im not positive what the relationship was with the child [she was white and he looked.. indonesian or something] but no child should be treated that way by an adult. fuck, just give him a wack on the ass, dont treat him like a disease and dont hit him in the face. if i ever see that bitch again im gonna trip her. whore.

-Rawkus records seems to be back in action, and from what i understand they got Sa-Ra doing the A&R. i got some homeboys that were working there when the shit went down and Rawkus folded, ending their reign as hip hops shining hope and the biggest independant rap label in the world. now i guess they are poised to shake up the industry again. i dont know... check out the music links. the Sa-Ra joint is kinda nice. the Plant Life joint sort of annoys me.

-some women have curves so severe it hurts my heart. ok maybe thats just me being cheesy and metaphorical. what i meant was this chick has a really nice ass. seriously though. her ass is like a fucking nuclear threat. a god damned doomsday weapon. shes got some major cake. i aint lyin, her shit is like a fucking forest fire, you have to view it from a helicopter to really capture the breadth and scope of it. and thats for real real, not for play play.

thats about it for me this morning, i cant squeeze in any more. my post are WAY to long anyway. i need to start sh0rtening my shit up. maybe tomorrow ill post something nice and short. yeah, thats what i'll do. nice and short...


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