Monday, July 18, 2005

Sobe Says

Miami is one of those cities that has dance music playing in every store, restaurant, bar and hotel lobby, regardless of what time of day it is. and its pretty consistant with that lipstick and cocaine vibe all year long. its wouldnt be too uncommon to be waiting in line at walgreens to buy a bottle of shampoo and a box of Altoids and hearing progressive house on the overhead while being rung up by a girl that looks like she just stepped down from dancing on the podium at Crobar. at least this is how it is in south beach, where i stayed this weekend.

now i dont have a problem with dance music per se, i mean, i am a pretty mean house dj so im pretty familair with the bumpity bump. but after a while you have to wonder if the people in south beach are aware that there are other genres of music besides epic psy-trance. even at the loungiest of venues, places that were begging for a gentler melody to enhance the intimacy of the atmosphere, they had the ipod mix set to monster filtered disco house. the concept of "chilling" is some what warped down there. it seems to have been lost on them. maybe its all the high grade nose candy, maybe its all the hot ass chicks, maybe its a combo of the two.

ive been to miami about 4 or 5 times, but only for the WMC, and thats always a little messy. during the conference its encouraged, the drugs, dancing and general debauchery that goes on. but this is the first time i had been there on a "normal" weekend, a weekend that was of no celebratory significance. it doesnt look like they got the memo though. hey miami, THE CONFERENCE IS OVER, you can all go to bed now.

not that i was complaining. i went to a bunch of clubs, oogled a bunch of girls, injested a bunch of drugs [not WMC quantities mind you, im a user, not an abuser] had a grand ol time. i have to say, the guys in Miami are pretty lucky. it seems as if the girls down there ran out of hot guys so just lowered their standards to work with what they had. seriously, i saw some dorky looking fat dudes with acne instead of fashion sense on the arm of some absolutely gorgeous women. i dont know if the guys had loads of money or loads of charm, but either way, they got the girl. a hearty bravo to ye' dorkus, you win!

the beach was everything i wanted it to be. of all the times ive been to miami ive managed to not make it to the ocean, even though i stay about two blocks away from it. i wouldnt have the time or id be too high or coming down from being too high or at a party getting high or some other pathetic excuse of questionable moral reason. this time i woke up early and we packed a bag headed straight for the waves. it was glorious. the water was perfect. perfect. PERFECT. warm, clear, not too calm, not too violent [even though a hurricane was making its way towards us from jamaica], just perfect. and the sand was soft and the women were beautiful [some got topless, is that legal in miami?]. the sky was a clear blue.

but i had to bid alex adieu and get back to the grind. my flight was a nightmare. i got on the plane at 4:30 and arrived in New York at 11:15. a 2 and a 1/2 hour flight stretched for over 6 hours. it was ridiculous. guess it was foggy at la guardia or something. whatever.

bol makes insurance fun, Pearsall brings that early 90s ragga heat, & oh yeah, yo mama.


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