Thursday, July 07, 2005


they do not like each other, my brother and my girlfriend. she thinks hes an inconsiderate asshole. he thinks shes an anal retentive bitch. i think they are both very perceptive.

our park slope palace isnt cramped, but it isnt spacious either. still, there is enough room for two to live comfortably and three to politely share without strangling one another. yet they are like pushing two magnets together, resisting each other with a strong, natural force that only allows them to get so close before pushing away into a safe and empty space. i am, of course, caught in the middle of this opposing energy, the neutral metal slab both are drawn to, hardly able to reach either party without an exhausting fight from the others mighty pull. its getting boring, real quick.

last night i escaped the castle unscathed. she had just gotten home and he was involved with a beer and the television. there was a thick silence that hung between them which i happily closed the door behind on my way to the pool. i have to swim for my rehab. these days, the spine comes first.

i get in my lane, pull down my goggles and kick off. the water is crisp and the clean blue of it slides over me. its soft cold washes up as i emerge and begin the lap. fresh foam kicks up as each passing swimmer adds a new color to the chlorinated azure surrounding me. a red and yellow and a green or purple stripe rushes by, a furious stream of bubbles keeping their pace. im pushing forward towards the end of the lane, my spine twist and turn in strong and fluidl motions. my chest is burning but i continue the charge. 1stroke 2stroke 3stroke BREATHE! 1stroke 2stroke 3stroke BREATHE! the water gets deeper and im driving harder to the end feeling the freedom of it get closer with each kick and each push in the water and im seeing everything so clear like a wide open sky and im splashing once then twice and ive reached the end and i pull my head up and wait and gulp and breathe for ten seconds then i kick off and do it all again.

i get back and see i have a new freind. and via her link list i get a word of advice from a master of the medium [thanks homie, no hard feelings about those things i said before right?] and i drink a beer and smoke a spliff and by the the time i go to bed the house has been a dull snore for hours. it was 3am.


London deserves a pint & some people hate blogs more than i do


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