Monday, June 27, 2005

throwaway post

then what was i supposed to do? she backed up from my lap and sucked her finger then let the nail flick her teeth. it made a quick, sexy pop. she pinched her nipples until they were swollen and she stared into my eyes. she spread her legs and grinded her hips down to the floor. her ass looked amazing from that point of view.

-i love this song she said and the sentence came out like a long heavy breath. she was wearing lingerie. lace with hanging garters. the outfit was so standard it was almost comical. the stereotypical "sexy" uniform. the classic advertisement for seduction. its been working on men for centuries. and of course i was completely and utterly sold.

she leaned into me. her naked breast rubbing against my t-shirted chest. her neck passed my cheek softly. it didnt touch but i could feel it. i could smell it. it was a thick and pretty scent. like my head was buried in a heavy bouquet of flowers for a moment. i could hardly breathe. i gasped and choked on her allure.

the walls were tight around us and shook and shivered with rhythm. an R&b dancer was on the stage. thighs probably like a doomsday weapon, starting wars and killing men.

-you want me to stay a little longer? she asked. her nipple brushed my lip. i reached in my pocket. nothing but lint

shit. im outta dough. fucking hell.

she leaves. i stay in the booth for a little while longer, smoking a cigarette.



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