Monday, July 11, 2005

a good night

it was casual attire only so it took a little longer for her to get ready but it was worth it in the end because she was looking damn sexy when we left. reservations were for 10:30, a late dinner at Gramercy Tavern. finally some time alone together, to talk and laugh and look into each others eyes. a couple bottles of wine, maybe a martini with appetisers, a smoke break before desert, our hands touching under the table. we were on a date. we were making an effort.

the past few weeks have been taxing on love, but me and L-petal are holding tight as if our relationship is one long power ballad. like i said to a friend this weekend -When life gives you a turd, you just gotta slather mayonnaise all over it, put that shit in between two slices of wheat, and chomp down on that mutherfucker like YUM, you feel me?

we got to the restaurant, got shown to our table, a nice quiet corner space with a decent view of the dining room. we kissed each other lightly, watched for a second as the candles flame danced on the table and ordered a couple cocktails. a low murmur of well dressed conversation hummed below the shiny rattle of silverware clinking against plates, bowls, teeth and one another. waiters, back waiters, runners and busboys shuffled quietly among the diners. four star shadows stretched from the necks of our glasses. falling in love is easy in that kind of lighting.

for a guy with shamelessly ghetto characteristics and a past to back them up, i have been to my fair share of fine dining establishments. this place differed slightly in its French style of service. the biggest difference being they would bring you small, complimentary dishes to open up and cleanse your palate. a small crouton with goat cheese and olive tapenade before our appetiser, a tiny three bean salad afterwards, and a petite serving of lemon sherbert before desert. it struck me as being very regal and european [mostly, french]. it was an approach that emphasised the diner have a thoroughly enjoyable experiance, from the food to the service to the atmosphere. they even gave you a small breakfast muffin after you were all done. thats just plain classy.

in the middle of our entre i glanced at the couple sitting a table across from us. they were young, good looking, comfortable in their position. she was a pretty asain chick with a very western way about her hand gestures as she spoke. i was checking out the guy with her, he was a thin white dude with an earring and -oh shit what the fuck? he is not -oh shit he is NOT- oh my god he is! HE IS WEARING THE EXACT SAME SHIRT AS ME!! i couldnt fucking believe it. the exact same shirt, sitting right next to me. i did a double take to make sure but yep, same flairing collar, same distinct cuff design, same color verticle stripes. i bend over, about to burst into hysterics and grab L-sexy's arm. i gesture with my head to the table next to us. she almost spits her white wine out from the shock of it. its all we can do to keep from exploding in a fit of giggles. -oh my god, i say, this is just like prom all over again! that sends her over the top and she has to slide under the table and surrender to the hysterics that come. i can feel her grabbing my leg and shaking with laughter. the couple turns and looks at me, i tip my glass to them and smile. it was
a good night.


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