Sunday, October 17, 2010

sick day

its been a while since i wrote here. hell, its been a while since i wrote. since the last time i visited this site i have

grown and shaved my beard multiple times.

been burdened with school work, playing catch up with my classes.

gained about 3 pounds.

saw a few movies.

yesterday i woke up feeling ill. my head felt as if it had been stuffed with cotton. i could hardly breathe through my nose. my chest felt scratchy and each inhale clawed at my lungs. i went to class nonetheless, and only fell asleep twice. when i returned home i took some cold medicine and drank a cup of hot tea with whiskey in it. i laid on the couch and put a movie in the dvd player. in the middle of it a took a short nap. luckily the movie wasnt too complicated and when i woke i still understood what was going on.

the kitties laid at my feet. when the movie ended i ate food while watching reruns on tv. i began coughing later in the evening and this worried me, as i have to work today, but i had to dismiss the worry because i cant miss another shift.

i dont have much to say. i just wanted to write for a little bit. i guess ill try to resurrect this habit again. it always last for a couple weeks or so. oh well.



Blogger Snooze said...

Feel better soon. And do add honey to your hot toddies. It's a natural cough suppressant.

6:43 AM EDT  

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