Friday, August 27, 2010

another five

this saturday i must begin the school semester. im taking a fim theory class that day, a spanish class monday and wednesday, and a history class early the same wednesday. the selection this semester was slim, no literature courses nor writing workshops, no curious philosophy classes or abstract art lectures. i had to choose by when the time was convenient for me, and i have very little time of convenience.

the spanish class really fucked me up, being spread over two days instead of the normal, one class a week routine that most courses at my school are offered in. this meant that two of my nights were taken from the get go. so i had to take a class on saturday, which is fine, but also a class during the day on wednesday, which is not fine. i have to be at campus by 1 in the afternoon, and wont be able to leave until 830 that evening. thats a full day at school. a full day in which i can do nothing but sit and listen and read and write. i suppose there could be worse things to fill my day with. but this squeezes the amount of free time through a funnel.

that funnel is tuesday.

see, i work on thursday and friday, as well as sunday. so that i have class on monday, wednesday, and saturday, leaves me with just one free day: tuesday. so on tuesday i have to get all my errands, social activities, meetings, greetings, chores, relaxing, fun, and homework done on that one day.

its going to be rough.

i suppose its only a few months, and that i should just live with this suffocating schedule without much complaint. there is nothing i can do about it. no reason to get bent out of shape. ill just hunker down, shut my mouth, focus hard, and try to accomplish.

fingers crossed.


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