Monday, August 16, 2010

sit down stand up

i dont have much to say today, and i only have a few minutes to really get this down.

what this is im trying to get down im not sure just yet.

lets just say that the day has gone by and that it was relatively easy. that the fan is blowing and the tv is on. that a beer is in my hand and it is 4pm and it is monday, which is my saturday, and im almost out of cigarettes. lets say that my wallet is empty and my fridge is too. lets say that my bills arent going to be paid on time. lets say that i ate too much last night and i woke up with a miserable stomach ache and immediately went to the bathroom before i did anything else. lets say that the sun fell behind the clouds and the rain blanketed us with warmth. lets say the books that surround me have too many words. lets say the books that surround me have too little words. lets say i have close friends and these friends fill me with sensations beyond confession and lets say that if it werent for these friends i wouldnt be able to type right now. lets say that the accents that i hear are hard to place by i try to make out the words anyway. lets say the colors blue and red mean nothing to me. lets say the colors yellow and gray mean more. lets say i have to leave but want to stay and lets say in many ways i have no choice of the matter.

then lets say i wrote and thats what i wrote and we shall move passed this like we do everything else.


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