Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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ive got a few minutes so i figured id say whats up.

whats up?

i few things ive thought in the past 24 hours:

after having read that steven tyler is going to take over as one of the judges of American idol i stopped to think. first, i wondered if i was really going to follow through with a thought about american idol. then, after i did, i wondered what made steven tyler qualify as a judge. sure, hes in one of the most popular rock groups of all time, and even if you dont care for the later, more recent efforts of Aerosmith, which i will agree suck balls, you cant deny that "Sweet Emotion," is a pretty awesome tune. but how does that make him a good judge of talent?

sure, he can commiserate with his band members about what songs are good and what songs arent, for aerosmith, and there his opinion might carry some weight. but unless every contestant is in some unofficial tryout for the band, then how is he going to know whats good or not for american idle? its not as if hes produced any great pop acts, nor is it like hes guided any young up and coming singers to stardom. hes just been in a band, and is a musician. outside of the choices he makes in aerosmith, i dont care what he thinks or says. he is not an expert by any means.

[i know it sounds as if im way invested in the show, but truthfully i havent even seen one episode of the past few seasons, and can only name a couple of the winners. but i understand the construct of the program, and the "purpose" it aims to achieve, so sort of consider myself an informed viewer]

that being said, i think the perfect and most obvious choice as new judge on the program should be none other than p diddy. not only has he already hosted a similar program, where he searched for a pop act, held auditions and acted as head judge, then molded them into what he considered a most viable performer taking into account the talent offered, but he did this in a ridiculous fashion that not only yielded a successful pop act, but worked as pure entertainment as well. diddy would have no problem telling someone their performance sucked [something i fear not many "artist" will do, as they have such an empathy for the rejected, they cant bear to be the giver of sour news] and he would probably do it while he typed on his blackberry. he would also be able to spot that special something in a person that could potentially lead to an act we might remember for once. now i wont say im the biggest fan of the man, but i wont withhold credit where credit is due. the guy would not only help find the best contestants, but the ratings would soar in the process. it seems like a no brainer to me.

but then again, what do i know. and its american idol for chissakes. who cares?


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