Monday, August 30, 2010

second day of school

in the autumn of our affair the sidewalks were still warm but the darkness came earlier and brought with it a chill. the routine of the morning kept me going as if without it i had nothing left. cars rolled by with their windows down and the old women on the stoop looked blankly out at them. men played cards on rickety tables, adjusting their hats and scratching their chins. their tells told and small half smiles below their eyes reflected upon their winnings. in the house a quiet heat stirs around the kitties shedding fur. i need a comb i need some food refill my water and change the litter box. the meaningless clicking of the keyboards keys and the bright white of the screen like a mockery of the day. the sun was at a simmer and the coffee cup left a stain. i thought about the future, about the winter, about the cold soon to come. i thought about the end of the month and the beginning of the season and being buried beneath it. it is the close of august and our hearts are tired and worn. it is without me that the world moves on.


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