Tuesday, September 14, 2010

opening kickoff

mellow night at work this evening. but that was just the end of the day.

woke up before the rising sun and let j out. she was in her scrubs and holding a big bag filled with yesterdays clothes and when i kissed her she smelled fresh of the oatmeal and shea butter scrub i have in my shower. then i slept again for a few hours.

when i woke a second time i went straight to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. it was half hour to noon and i wanted a cigarette. but before that i threw on some jeans and a shirt and i went out to the store and bought some toilet paper (i also contemplated a beer but decided i couldnt afford it so got paper towels instead).

i sat at my computer and drank coffee and watched porno while smoking a cigarette and waiting to shit. then i texted j. i put the football game on. i read email and played family feud on facebook.

it started to rain and i poured myself a shot of whiskey.

i had a book to read. lysistrata, by aristophonese. so i read it. its a small greek play. ancient, i suppose. the plot is simple. the wives of soldiers in the athens army decide to withhold sex from their husbands until peace is drawn up in the war. the soldiers eventually come crawling back from battle, boners bulging, and beg to have sex with their wives. they will do anything. so the wives say 'well we wont fuck you until you call a truce.' and the husband soldiers say, 'ok we'll do whatever, just let us get some pussy!' and they draw a truce up with the enemy and everyone fucks and is happy and dances. the end. it was a quick read.

then i took a shower and i smelled of oatmeal and shea butter and i went to work at the bar.

it was the opening day of kickoff. football fever was all around us. you could smell the pigskin on everyones breath. cheap american beers by the bottle. buffalo wings and loud voices. the drawer wasnt bad and the tips could be better, but it was an easy evening, so im not going to complain.

when all was said and done i sat back in the quiet of an empty watering hole with a beer in my hand and the fans whirring. my barback was there, this kid from the hood with a kid of his own. he rolled a blunt and we spoke of street shit and how to survive illegally. then we closed the gate and shook hands and he went home and i went to another bar.

there i caught the close of the mtv video awards on a huge flat screen tv. justin bieber was giving an acceptance speech and thanking la ried and usher. then lady gaga accepted an award. i had a bud light. kanye did a song but it was boring and i wondered if maybe i didnt get it. i smoked a joint with a guy i didnt know outside. then another guy offered to buy me a drink so i said, give me a shot of jameson, because i dont want to stay too long.

i walked home loose and warm even though the whole city is wet from the rain earlier. when i opened the door the kitties greeted me. i stooped down to them and slurred, "hello gatos! hola my little friends!'


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