Thursday, September 09, 2010

stuck in neutral

it is a quiet seventy two degrees and the sky is descending into a chilly grey and i can hear voices out my window and voices in my head and they are having a muted conversation i cant understand. i am supposed to be writing a story that is due on october first but i cant seem to get anything out, at least nothing worth a damn. there is no ending to the story and usually this doesnt matter but for some reason i feel if there is no ending to this story this story has no meaning and isnt worth the time to write.

but its already half written, the characters have been drawn, their motivations established, the setting painted in pretty words and phrases.

i cant find it in me, and i cant find it in those that surround me, and i cant find it in the city or the night or the early morning. the ending, the meaning, the reason for the pages. all i have a collection of painfully insignificant passages, of obvious dialog and weak description. broken paragraphs that say nothing, choppy cadences and flawed metaphors. i try to make some sense of it, to stitch it together using half inspired patches of prose, but it doesnt work. it was a faulty design to begin with. this engine will never run.


Anonymous nikita willy said...

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