Friday, September 10, 2010

an unexpected package

she had a delivery sent to her and it arrived under the bright orange glow of early afternoon. a soft brisk wind tickled the delivery mans collar as he stood at the door waiting for her to sign. all around them the quiet of autumn, only their polite exchanges lost in the air. sign here ma'am. thank you. thank you. she watched him walk down the driveway towards his truck and thought to herself, that was a nice young man. the package was large and nearly weightless considering its size. it was unexpected, the best gifts always are, and she set it down inside the door. across the road a field of golden bones leaned in the breeze. i wonder what it could be, she asked aloud to no one. the dog came to the porch and sniffed at her feet then sat and waited. not now, she said, mama's got to get dressed first. she grabbed the package while going inside and shut the door. the dogs black nails clicked on the tiles as it scuttled behind her. the house was caught in a familiar silence. she sat on the couch and the leather cushions wheezed and the sun grew older and but no warmer in the sky. with a pen from her robe she cut through the tape and folded open the package and sighed. two pears, a crate of strawberries, and a chocolate bar. the note beside them was on a small sheet no bigger than a photograph. it read, in a wonderful handwritten cursive, This will get you through the day. Enjoy.


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