Tuesday, June 14, 2005


i hate feeling cramped, in my house, at my desk, or on the subway.
i hate being called to meetings right before lunch.
i hate writing boring post filled with hate
i hate the feeling i get when a family member calls
i hate not getting the joke until its too late and then realizing the joke wasnt very good in the first place.
i hate when i type teh word "teh" instead of "the"
i hate spam. i really really hate spam. especially when its not pornographic spam.
i hate not being able to be there for somebody when they need me
i hate making myself available to people and them not noticing
i hate when my girlfriend doesnt get along with my friends, because i never know if, were i made to choose, i would make the right decision.
i hate blogging sometimes
i hate the term "blogging"
i hate being lazy
i hate feeling guilty about being lazy
i hate paris hilton, even though i dont know her, i hate her. i can just tell.
i hate that if she wanted to fuck me, even though i hate her, i would totally give her the bone
i hate that it sounds immature calling your penis "the bone"
i hate when people dont reply to emails and i wonder if its because they are mad at me
i hate anyone thats mad at me
i hate that i hate sushi, because everyone else seems to love it
i hate poo and fart jokes unless i am making them, then i love them and i hate people that dont think they are funny
i hate hate. hate sucks ass.
i hate not feeling like my "i hate" list are finished. god i hate that.


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