Friday, June 24, 2005

too cool for school

Last night i went to a magazine's pool party at the top of a Holiday Inn on the west side of Midtown. it had a predictable 80's high school theme, replete with sponsorship by Bartles and James and an ipod playlist straight out of the John Hughes soundtrack catalog.

it was somewhat pleasant, though im much to jaded to admit i had fun. which i didnt, by the way. i just sat at a table drinking wine coolers and gabbing with some friends. the entire place was crowded with hipsters. even though the party had an 80's theme you couldnt tell if they were actually dressed for it or if they were just trendy new wave posers. every other rail thin shaggy haired white guy looked like they played bass in a faggy electropop band from williamsburg. nearly everyone was young and beautiful. it was painfully typical.

Richie Rich from the mega hip clothing designers Heatherette was pointed out to me. id never seen him nor was i very familiar with his clothing line. but it was quickly relayed to me, in a hushed but excited tone, that i should be. he was nothing less than fabulous and, dare i say, gorgeous as he paraded around the party. all striking colors and pouting lips a target for everyones finger. he actually reminded me of a girl i know back in disco. she cheated on me with a good friend. bitch.

anyway, apparently he was a fixture in the new york club scene during its early 90's heyday. the consummate clubkid in platforms a foot high and neon feather boas. everywhere all the time. now hes an in demand fashion maven who looks good in eyeliner and bosses around paris hilton. an honest to goodness success story for all us burnt out speaker freakers to look up towards, i guess. you go girl.

i left at about ten. it was getting pretty chilly on the roof, hardly was it pool weather. and the B&J really wasnt gettin my buzz going. that shits for 15 year old girls trying to lose their virginity, not 29 year old men trying to appear clever.

i got home to some brief relief. but eventually things turned sour. not fatally sour, but going to bed without saying goodnight sour.

my brother has placed a burden on brooklyn. i'll explain more later.


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