Monday, June 27, 2005

weekend warrior

at about 11pm i rolled out to Miss Williamsburg for my first gig since the spine slicing scene a month ago. i could only carry about an hour or 45 minute set with me and was ready to heat the floor but the decks were set too low and the spot was dead and quiet so i ended up just drinking beer and bullshitting with some cats i havent seen in a while. at about 2.30 we head to Crown Chicken in Clinton Hill for a very rare late night fried food excursion. those midnight fires where still burning and the joint was hoppin with young thugs from the projects across the street. at one point i was pretty sure i was gonna pay for my 2pc breast meal with about a pint of blood if not my life. i escaped with no cuts nor bruises and a box of artery clogging tasty goodness. after two bites i realized it wasnt even worth it and threw the rest away. i took a few swigs of my beer and a couple pulls on a blunt before i called a car to take me home, it was about 4am.

we head down to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade at about 2.30, after a couple morning spliffs and my drip with a shot. a friend described the parade to me as "a steady stream of young, perky breast, naked and glittering, sweating and shining under the blazing hot Brooklyn sun" [im paraphrasing, i think he just said a lot of chicks show tit, but that didnt sound as cool]. well, there were some naked breast alright, but they were hardly perky and definitely not young. not that im being picky with my free nekid titty glimpses but there were a few droopy boobs i begged would discover a bikini at some point during the day.

after the anticlimactic parade we explored the actual boardwalk of Coney Island, which i had never been to. my knowledge of the famed amusement park [is that what you would call it] only extended to the Cyclone rollercoaster and that it was the spot where the final showdown between the Warriors and the Rogues went down. i couldnt get on any of the rides, which was lame. they might as well have all been named "THE SPINAL DISLOCATOR," or "THE VERTEBRAE VIBRATOR," or something else insinuating my eventual wheelchair bound lifestyle were i take that adventure so i just drank a few pricey beers and people watched.

Coney Island is kinda ghetto, but thats a whole 'nother post.

when we get home and my boy calls and invites up up to his crilla for some fight night antics. im not much of a boxing fan but im all about free food and drink so we bounce up to his spot at about 10.30. me and L-Squeeze each have about 8 shots of tequila and a couple beers before stumbling home and clumsily groping eachother before some sloppy penetration and passing out half clothed intertwined in sheets, sweat, humidity and eachother.

will is a sucker for nyc landmarks and he wants to digitally capture all of them while he's here, so we head into manhattan in search of some history. we find the Five Points pretty easy which is kind of miraculous considering we had no idea where it was at and just wandered the neighborhoods we kinda thought it might be in until we stumbled across it. it was as kinda meh, but will took pictures anyway and we turned the page.

then its off to the west village to check out the infamous "cage" where we might catch some sweet street ballin on its legendary court. on the way there i start noticing that there are more queens out than usual we realize its gay pride and there is a massive parade going on down Christopher street. one of the floats, which looked like a rainbow had exploded on the bed of a pick up, is throwing out bracelets similar to the "live strong" one but purple instead of yellow and saying "pride" instead of "live strong." im kinda into bracelets and im always down to support fags so i holler out for one and this queen limp wrist flicks me one from the exploding rainbow float thingy. as im putting it on, pretty proud of my new rubber wrist jewelry, i realize on the back, in bigger letters than the ones 'Pride' are written in it says STARBUCKS COFFEE.

jesus christ. i flung it into the street. im all for pride, but corporate sponsored pride? pfft.


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