Sunday, July 24, 2005

being back

there are only a handful of proper metropolises in northern america. on two hands i can list of the cities that offer an actual cosmopolitan experiance. a majority of these pepper the coast, a couple occupy the south, and one is in the midwest. i have i grew up and lived in two of these places, and have visited most of the others. they all share the same qualities, though each has thier own unique translation of them, and they all make up the criteria in which a City is defined.

there are some places though, which call themselves a city but in actuality are glorified suburbs. they are a steady sequence of housing developements surrounding a meager commercial and finacial district that consist mainly of the ancilliary branches to huge corporations that are based in genuine cities, and local businesses which are slowly becoming the forgotten fabric that make up this nation. these "cities" are unheralded, and deservedly so, but if you are patient, some can provide a gem of such inspiration you are shaken to the core with a feeting feeling called being. the place i just came back from though, offered no such sensation.

minneapolis is the home to a few major retail chains, two unforgivable seasons, and Prince. now im not going to go into the genius that is prince, nor wonder how he found this genius in a city that doesnt even have a nightlife past midnight [from what it seemed to me], that is an entirely seperate post. Prince sorted his shit out and thats the end of that.

but i do have some musings on my trip that will be transcribed. not now though, Wills laptop is about to die and im sick of this stupid cafe. ill post more later.


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