Saturday, June 04, 2005

cars that go boom

there was a car sitting out in front of my house for about two hours. it was playing loud music with a lot of bass. i couldn't tell what the music was, so wouldn't be able to describe to you if it was rock, rap, or r&b. i only heard the violent burst of humming from its steady drum thumps. it rattled so hard i thought it was going to tear the trunk off.

it reminded me of a brief episode from the disco days of way way back. when i was about 11, me and a couple friends of mine used to hang out with these older kids from the hood. one of them had a car, one of them had some weed, and one of them had enough looks and game to swoop up some hoes leaning out the passenger window style.

the car was pretty much a japanese hoopty. a small, compact, four door, six cylinder bucket with a dull silver finish, tinted back windows and some black mag rims. but it had a serious stereo system.

we would go 'cruising' down Broadway, getting our adolescent kicks in the back alleys of North Beach. the stereo would be blasting too loud for us to even talk to each other. me and my friends would just huddle in the back seat, two practicing our "sexy gangsta" looks out the window and the friend in the middle sitting there in between a giggle and a scream.

at one point the song "my posse's on broadway" by master rapper sir-mix-alot was the seriousness in the tape deck. it had all the elements of a classic riding jam. bass, claps, and some fool flowin about hanging with his homies and pickin up chicks. one night we circled Broadway playing that song over and over. the bass in it tore through the car like a epileptic hurricane and the trunk rattled so ferociously i swore it was going to rip itself right off.

the car outside my window sounded just like that. like the night when i was 11 years old and in perpetual fear that sir-mix-alot was going to ruin my game with the ladies by breaking our car with his beats. posse up!


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