Saturday, May 28, 2005

Real Replicants Have Curves

ive just made the firm decision that Blade Runner is my absolute favorite movie. and i dont think im the only person thats came to this revelation, as it has reached the golden standard of "cult status" [not that im clear on the definition of 'golden standards' or 'cult status,' mind you], so im not going to explain why it is my favorite, just confirm that it is. it is just fine film making, in most every sense. but i think that aside from the fact that each frame would make a stunning photo, or the thick level of mood and atmosphere accomplished, or the use of colors and the smoky black canvas they are painted upon, or the actual substance to the story, the thing that i most admire is that the hero never becomes a hero. at the end he is just a man with a past and regrets. it takes away the fantastic element, grounding it a bit. turning it from a fable into a story. plus, you get to see some nekid tits and fools be gettin blowd up.

on a side note, its on that channel WGN. where the fuck did WGN come from? i been watching direct tv for 3 years now and i aint never seent no WGN channel before. and its all up in my favorites like it know somebody. shit. but what really annoys me is that its playing my favorite movie and now i feel as if ive been duped into watching another channel. a channel marketing straight to me. they'll probably show commercials chock full of shit i want to buy, with catchy jingles that always leave me saying, "i gotta find that on vinyl." next thing ya know im wearing a spray on cologne in hopes that it will make women wanna fuck me and asking my doctor about this knew, safer, male enhancement pill that will really spice up me and L-drizzles sex life. fuckin tv, always tryin to get up in my pocket.


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