Thursday, June 02, 2005

hollaback hair

so i figured out the word combination you should use in search for this site is: vagina cornrows. got it? so if you ever forget the address just go to google, type in those two words, and my site will be at the top of the list. see how easy i make it?

but if you typed in those two words and ended up at this site hoping to see some hot vagina braiding action then im sorry, you will not find much of that here. and hey, dont blame me! i scoured the whole internet in search for jpegs of some tight pube 'do's or even a 10 second movie of some prime prison patch but there wernt any to be found. so as you can see, gentle, non threatening, pubic pervert, i tried, but to no avail. just please, please dont be disappointed in me. maybe you should try craigslist. they got some freaky muthafuckas up on there. im sure you'll find some cornrowed, jheri curled, and maybe even some feathered poon on that piece. you can find most anything there. check it out.


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