Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cinematic Paths to Enlightenment

FIght Club was on FX earlier and i watched most of it. its one of those flicks that i liked when i saw it in the theater but immediately forgot upon my exit. i had read the book a year before i saw the movie, so the suspense had already been sucked from it. without the twist, it was just a meditation on the nature of men and their desperate need for validation in life.

in this case they find their validation through violence, and beating the crap out of themselves. they find it like a revelation one dark evening in the basement of a dingy bar with a fist smashing their naked faces apart. each brutal blow an epiphany, each strike another fold in their life opened up inside. each drop of blood, each open wound, revealed the urges they repressed. when half conscious, half alive, tapping out with their last bit of life, they found themselves. they were lucky, ive been beating the crap out of myself for twenty nine years and i aint learned shit.


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