Tuesday, May 31, 2005

get lazy

a brief summery of this tuesday morning [in a somewhat list format]

according to this site im an Existentialist with an eating disorder and a drinking problem who, though gorgeous and mature, will inevitably commit suicide by taking too many pills. after i discovered this i put down my copy of The Economist, pushed away my plate full of food, grabbed my drink and went to the bathroom. i admired myself in the mirror of the medicine cabinet before opening it up and grabbing the closest bottle with the softest rattle. taking a handful of whatever was inside, i washed it down with some vodka and thought to myself -its all the same anyway.

unkut keeps digging up the rarest underground hip hop performances on the net. i dont know where they get those tapes, but bless them for sharing.

Saydizzle is turning up the heat. it struck a nerve because that happened to me once at a club in disco, but the girl wasnt as sexy and we almost got caught so there was no happy ending.

i got a phone call and it was a recorded message. i immediately hung up. do those things EVER work?

someone tells me that Tom Cruise has his "girlfriends" sign a confidentiality contract that states they will play his beard and cling to his arm in all public appearances and in return he will raise their status in Hollywood. it wouldnt be surprising. and i guess his over the top performance on Oprah helped solidify the rumor that he is, in fact, a gay. whatever. apparently, so is john travolta. i dont really care either way.

the clouds are breaking above ann arbor. uh oh, looks like stella is getting her groove back.

thank xenoverse for the quick quizzes.

end bit.


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