Friday, May 27, 2005

charging the surf

you would think that having four weeks off of work would be a welcome change in your routine. especially when you have been ordered not to engage in much, if any, activity during that time. you would think that being told you MUST relax for a month would be a daydream come true, an excuse to overindulge in the dull urges of laziness you work so hard to ignore. you would think it'd be a blessing. well it aint. in fact, its kind of boring after a while.

ive been haunting the internet. posting comments on random blogs. furiously searching for inspiring images. stalking the wires, looking for suspense. this would all be fine and dandy if i were trying to find the perfect porno clip to come to, but im just wandering aimlessly, with no clear design at all.

ive been all over the comments section at BC dot C. and i'm not even invested in what im commenting on, just adding my 2 cents for no real reason. but i dont end there. im hitting up the links to the some of the blogs in my list, then hitting up the links in theirs. and im commenting more. im making contact. im leaving friendly sentences and encouraging words to casual strangers in floating haloscan boxes. im telling them that everything will be ok and not to worry about it, that their golden toenails will make them shine, that i had a weird thing like that happen to me once too, that i agree, totally.

really what i want to be doing though, is standing at the decks pushing aril brihka into muddy waters. or pharoah monch into platinum pied pipers. i want to hurt some melodies. i got some funk i wanna get out. but i cant because grabbing the records from my bag will hurt after a while, let alone trying to stand for that long. glory be my spine. i have a gig on the 11th. summer is getting hot. this shit has got to heal and quick.

so im pretty much confined to reading, watching tv, playing video games or the surfing teh intraweb. my books are closed, my tv is on mute, and my consoles are off; lets resume the haunt.

p.s. and if you were wondering, yes kids, when i said "i got some funk i wanna get out," i was referring to my need to pass gas.


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