Monday, February 14, 2005

now i have haloscan

and when you leave comments, its like leaving comments in the FUTURE. doesnt it feel weird? when i first got to the future it felt kinda funny. it kinda tickled. like i was wearing a body suit with an inner lining made entirely of antelope fur. but i got used to it. now i think it feels sexy. yep, i admit it. the future sort of turns me on. it gives me a huge space age robotic boner. really! and when you look directly into my futuristic love lazer, it reveals your reflection. seriously! go ahead, look at it. anyway, so there you have it. when you get to the future your penis [or clitoris, depending on what gender the future determines you will be] will be engourged with blood and it will be a thouroghly exciting yet somewhat uncomfortable ride when you take the subway. deal with it.

Male Chastity is all the rage in the future
thanks to Blanket Jacksons smash hit of 2025
"Deny Myself a Boner Baby"
released on Virgin Records.


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