Thursday, January 27, 2005


it was boiling hot. all the faces were strange except for one. this cute puerto rican chick named zoe. she is quiet and dark. we took a class together back in '04. i never talked to her then so why should i start now. i dont even pretend we are suddenly close. i nod my head and sit down in the back.

teach walks in and gives us the ol song and dance.

-i will not tolerate lateness. i will not tolerate absences. i dont care if you have a full time job and have trouble getting here. if you think this will be of concern i suggest you find another class. this class's purpose is ACADEMIC. we will be reading the great thinkers of the 19th and 20th century. most students cant keep up with the reading and decide to drop out. if you decide to take this route i suggest you do it soon. i will not slow down the schedule for anyone.

she is trying to scare us, and i dont know about anyone else, but its totally working on me.

ive never entered a class and thought i could get anything less than an A. until now.

granted, i just started school after a 10 year hiatus. [when youre 19 and the intense realization that you want to be a DJ suddenly overwhelms you. and the very idea that having PURPOSE enters your life, its perfectly natural for you to put college low on your priority list. with the records and the drugs and the tunes and the girls and the music and the early morning epiphanies to consider first. at least, such is the logic of jon]

so this is the meat of it. this is why i came back to school. to learn. to get smarter. and im deathly afraid of it. all that arrogance. all those pretentious intellectual musings. will be put on the table. im gonna be found out. they are all gonna see that im a fraud.

ive got to take a business trip in february. and i can assume plans for my annual march in miami get down can eat a piece of shit.

fucking hell.

whatever. whats a challenge, right?

im charging it.


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