Wednesday, February 02, 2005

commercial break

damn im blaze.

[note: this post will not make any sense at all]

so anyway, im BLAZE.

toasted. blitzed. twisted. baked. burnt. stoned. faded. blizzled. bent. zooted. gone. in heaven. blunted. high. did i say toasted?


i just started typing cuz i wanted to push that other post down. force it into the past. i wanted to be fresh. Fresh. like suede pumas in '85. like nothing else. i wanted this post to be the new hotness, as my ABSOLUTE IDOL, will smith would say.

sup bitches. im will smith.

sigh. will smith is so cool. i love when he says, "do you hear the words, that are coming out of my mouth?!" to that chinese guy. cuz the chinese guy doesnt speak english, so cant clearly understand what he is saying. hahaha. hes so funny! oh will!

ANYHOO, so i just had to keep it hot. and put somethin else up here. i mean, im like, the only one that reads this shit anyway. so if I get bored, everybody loses their job.


but seriously, how long was you gonna look at that chicks ass anyway? get over it dude. theres hella ass out there. she wasnt the first nor the last one. [shit, that chick will prolly pop up again. knowin that skank. fuckin poppin up ass skank. with her nice ass booty n shit, makin me feel all warm n horny. shoo. stupid skank. haha. just kidding. i love you skanky! call me!] still, its no worries, ill post some more asses. its cool. dont get uptight lil buddy. dont start chafin your shaft. here, take some lube. warm up, it'll come.

but for real though? that chick had ass right? you saw it and you were like "GOD DAMN SON!" and put your fist in your mouth. yeah i know. fatness yo. no doubt. squiggy.


did i tell you i was kinda stoned?


Blogger saidy said...

you are fucking hysterical!

4:27 PM EST  
Blogger -jkg said...

haha. only to people with a STELLAR sense of humor

5:09 PM EST  

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