Wednesday, January 26, 2005


today was pretty digestible. im actually in fairly good spirits. go figure. with gloomy tuesday long forgotten, i approach this update with a fresh perspective. such is the emotional rollercoaster ride that my legions of readers must endure.

i got to work and right from the giddy up my friend is sending me a link to some article about irv gotti and some other schmo are turning themselves in to the FBI. Murder Inc [irv's record label] is gonna be shut down real soon. guess the fools been laundering money for some heavy dealer in queens. you know what this means right? no more ja rule records! how fuckin sweet is that?

then i get called into my kinda bosses office. he's bitchin cuz the owner doesnt want to pay for him to go to LA and SF with me next month. he's thinking i should go alone. now its not the going alone that im excited about, because my kinda boss and me are friends so it would have been stellar west coast ho down even if he did tag along [but going alone is mighty sweet too. more room to explore the city with no dead weight], what im excited about is that now i have an excellent angle in gettin a laptop. there is no way id go out there with no laptop. and my kinda boss isnt going to give me HIS for 5 days. nope. i guess its going on the company credit card. i just wonder now if im going to be able to score the powerbook ive had my eye on. [i hope they dont cheap out and get me a crappy compaq or something. that would fist ass]

there was a brief hiccup in this adventure of solace: that was going to the DMV to renew my license. my cali card expired a few months ago and im going to need a valid drivers license to rent a car in LA. well, i get down there with old card and older social security card in my wallet. im just KNOWING this is going to be a breeze. nah. no breeze. no breeze at all. i have to have a birth certificate or passport to renew my shit. god damn. fuck! i have no idea where i could find my birth certificate. i think that burned in a fire or something way back in '88. i knew i should gotten that passport. even though i know im gonna exit the country eventually i never got one. guess i figured it would just one day appear. whatever. so i stomp through the charcoal gray sludge to the post office. [dude, the post office is huge out here. its like, the size of madison square garden. jay z should do a show there.] i get some forms to fill out and bounce. guess the license is gonna have to wait. weak.

so back in the cubicle while im reading this article about how the show Family Guy is gonna be back on tv [uber sweet] i realize that its pretty silent. i need some tunes. i look through my cd collection and what do i find? an old mix i made. 'Heavy Fluid' named in tribute to my old party in the west village: Fluid Exchange [super silly name i know. whatever. eat it bitches]. my first truly eclectic mix. from stevie wonder to radiohead to outkast to jeff mills. seriously crackin tunes.

and now this post will continue its secrecy...


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