Thursday, January 27, 2005

hbo movies

[man that last update was boring. BOAR-RING!]

so i watched the life and death of peter sellers tonight. i've learned a few things from it. lemme list em for ya:

1. when a pretty girl ask if you want a cookie the correct answer is: yes please.

2. a lonely man is [not just] a blank canvas from which to paint upon.

3. marrying pretty girls to replace the void left by your fat mother only works temporarily, and involves a lot of messy divorces.

4. casually mentioning that you were more affected by the life and death of peter sellers than you were control room just to get a rise out of her [for reasons you dont quite want to justify because you arent sure why you did it] is NOT a good idea and will inevitably lead to a fight.

i start my classes tomorrow. i have a feeling this semesters gonna be rough.


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