Wednesday, February 16, 2005

harking back [again and again]


i've got this friend back in disco. a good friend. a close friend. not only do we make eachother laugh, but i think she is the only girl that i would say was sexually a 'perfect fit' for me.

she knows exactly what i want when i want it, and she was totally willing to give it to me when i need.

when she gives me head- oh man when she gives me head- its like heaven is on fire and all its burning angels are melting all over my dick. over and over again in an up and down motion. its honestly one of the best feelings i have ever experianced, her blowjobs. she should teach a fucking class.

one time with my dick in her mouth and two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass i asked her breathily, because it was everything that could be asked at the time, "do you want me to fuck you in the ass?"

do you know what this girl says. this gift of a girl. this gentle award of a person. do you know what she says? she takes my dick from her mouth, pushes her ass back on my finger and softly, almost desperately, says, "please."

jesus christ i almost went limp that was so hot, not to mention we were in the back of a car parked in front of the beach. and i love sex in public, or semi-piblic, places.

damn that girl is good. i dont see her often, but when i do its always the same, lustful episode. sometimes, if im bored or ol' girls wanting the dick and im not in a sharing mood, i think of my friend in disco and the numerous moments of pleasure she's provided me. it always works.

and this girl knows this. she knows that i think of her in the shower in my bed in my office everywhere. she knows this and she gets off on it as much as , if not more than, me. she likes that i like to watch her. she likes when i gently nudge her head into my lap. she likes when i turn her over and fuck her furiously and smack her ass and tell her shes hot and nasty and that her warm insides are mine. she makes sure there is a big mirror strategically placed so we can see each others facial reactions, among other things. she always has the right drugs ready. she doesnt hang out to long afterwards. she leaves me wanting to see her again. it is a glorious relationship. a satisfying one. and she ultimately knows the score, so i dont have to worry about the drama.

and she is 5000 miles away. that helps.

man, i totally wish that girl was right here right now under my desk, and the heavens above were shining bright in hot white flames.

that would be sweet.

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