Monday, January 10, 2005


damn this sundays boondocks kilt it. but of course you cant see what the fuck he's saying cuz the font is too fucking small. DAMN BITCHES, ENLARGE THE FONT!

i see this kinda shit all the time when im draped in two sweaters, a scarf, my large down wintercoat [the hunting model so i can carry all my various cuttin blades], a big ass skully cap [ski mask style just in case i gotta murk some chump for his vanilla soy latte in the morning] and super thick gloves lined with fur from the youngest, cutest, and most endangered animals known [i dont put the thinner, more flexile strangling gloves on till spring, too cold in winter to be chokin suckas, gotta stick with the blade through the chillier months] and im walking to the subway in the morning. some fool will run by me in those skimpy ass track shorts that you only see kenyans in when they are kickin american ass in a marathon. you know, the super thin ones that always show the bottom of your ass cheeks. what the fuck dude, its 35 degrees and you are wearing a silk fuckin nighty. dumbass.

if you can see what hes sayin then you'll know what i mean when i raise the fist and say "right on huey!"

put some sweats on dude, its winter.

and to help you get through your monday, a little giles to provide sweet tunes for what could otherwise be a tedius afternoon.


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