Tuesday, January 11, 2005

choice cuts

So ive decided that if i were a man that was into jazz. i mean heavily into jazz. the kind of guy that had a saxaphone on the floor in the corner of his studio apartment and smoked loose tabacco like a chiminey and called squares squares and cats cats and punctuated every string of sentences he spoke with, "ya dig?". if i were one of those guys. if i was a jazz guy, then i'd probably be into Be Bop. i say this because im too seasoned and bored with the standards and need more challenge to my music. its gotta be different, its gotta be interesting. its gotta have that perfect mix of soul and intelligence and sadness and rage and its gotta have melody injected with a small dose of protest. Be Bop seemed to encompass this philosophy, but everyone tells me its unlistenable. everyone tells me that you have to BE a jazz musician to understand it. you have to live by the horn and give into each note played and you have to suffer . you have to suffer jazz to understand Be Bop. you cant just listen to it, its unlistenable, ya dig?

well i told a freind of mine, a jazz cat back in disco, to make me a Be Bop cd. -gimme the best Be Bop, i said. -i want the shit that Bird would play when he was feeling pure fire. i want that shit that Dizzy would blow in a basement in harlem at 4am when everyone was juiced on living so we'll see. we'll see if im that guy.

i've been on a soul kick lately. been freakin out over this Old Man Macolm track and of course the newest future shit by Sa Ra. a few more plates and imma make a futuristic soul salad for all my peoples to feast on.

i wonder if when france got all into hip hop during the early 90's they started spelling French with a "PH". haha. phuckin phrenchies.


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