Friday, January 07, 2005


"i need some chemicals. some kinda of crystallized chemical or chemical in pill form or chemical dried into a powder or even a liquid just gimme SOMETHING cuz fucking christ i deserve it."
-me, at about noon today

the cleaning crew that comes to our office every night and empties our trash cans and refills the paper towel dispenser and windex's the mirror in the bathroom sell sacks of cocaine on the side. our coke addicted accountant told me. they sell small, pedestrian sized sacks of mid grade powder for $50 and even though ive never used this particular feature in their service its nice to know its readily available to me if i were to decide i needed 'a change in attitude' or a 'different outlook on things'.

they are spanish speaking and what english they speak is spoken in broken hushes. its a woman and a guy and they bring their kids. the kids are about 8 and 11 and sometimes they help. they will come by my cubicle and stand patiently until i notice them and hand them my trash can. i wonder how much they get paid. i dont think the woman likes me. i think she was around and i said something loud and in one of those final and condescending tones that i have when im trying to make a point to someone. now she stares at me out of the corner of her eye and its not a 'i want to fuck that guy' stare its more of a 'i want to stab that guy' stare. she always arrives first. and she always looks at me out of the corner of her eye. i think the guy does the coke dealing. but it could be the kids for all i know. little coke dealing kids. wouldnt be the first ones and aint gonna be the last.


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