Wednesday, January 05, 2005

$:GUY in terrycloth:$

damn. im almost out of xanax.

on the december 17th, 2004, i was prescribed 120 pills of .5 mg of xanax. now i have 4.


and just when i was on the CUSP of addiction too. oh well.

it seems some hippie cat i know back in disco says he has a GUY in brooklyn that can get some serious psychodelics at some hilarious prices. yeah right, we'll see. getting a good GUY is like finding a twenty dollar bill in your laundry basket.
rarely happens.
but we'll see.

if it comes through ill take a trip to SoBe. thats slut slang for South Beach, Miami. one of my main soldiers lives there. him with the height and his wife with the hips. got a nice little one bedroom right in the center of it all [which is, as nobody will ever learn, where i always want to be]. two blocks to the shops. three blocks to the marquee. four blocks to the beach. perfect. too bad its in Miami.
if this GUY lets me score ill take a flight down south and soak in the cosmetics. that is, ill be in SoBe on white sand with a drink in my hand and my sunglasses on. that is, if the GUY lets me score.

oh shit. my boy just called. today he had a doctor take a knife and SLICE HIS EYEBALL WHILE HE WAS AWAKE.

i gotta hear this...


ok, so i guess he has a patch now. one of the medical ones, with the gauze and the white tape or whatever. of course he'll get a pirate patch later. one with a diamond encrusted 14k gold dollar sign on it. i think sean jean or Roc-a-wear makes some. or he can get a bootleg jammy on canal. in any case, he should get one made of terrycloth, cuz only playboys wear terrycloth.

damn. they had to stick a needle in his shit. even the doctor was grossed out. ugh.

pretty fucking sweet dude.

first a needle, then a blade. all to his naked eyeball.

oh hey, i think i just found a new way to coerce my boss into giving me a raise. neat!


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