Tuesday, January 04, 2005

chinatown softcore

im 29 years old but for some reason [maybe because i started school again] these ancient memories of my childhood keep resurfacing. they all seem to prove one thing: im pretty much a porno freak and have been one for quite some time. maybe its because i was raised in san francisco, and have its seedy side in my blood. maybe its because my mother was a bisexual schizophrenic and i have loose philosophies regarding sex and love [in one of my most masculine characteristics, i seperate the two easily. even if i am having sex with someone i love, the actual act is an exercise in pleasure, not emotions]. maybe im just your average modern pervert. that seems reasonable doesnt it?

take this episode for example:

When I was a much younger kid, probably 12 or 13 years old. I used to go down to Chinatown in San Francisco and watch asian movies at this small, dank Chinese movie theater. Most of the flicks were softcore porn. At least in my adolecent eye they seemed to be. The old ladies at the door seemed indifferent as to why some obviousl underage black kid was interested in films where the dialog was in all Mandarin or Cantonese and they didn’t bother checking my ID before letting me in.

I would sit and watch bad dramas, none in English mind you, waiting anxiously for a sex scene. They would have triple features and some Saturdays I'd spend all day there, waiting for a nipple or an ass crack or some bush to appear on screen. Most of the movies were of the "cop that lost his wife and must accept that while some other chick [who has feelings for the guy] comforts him and eventually through the act of fucking this comfort sponge silly he gets over his dead wife and kills a bad guy along the way" vein. I didn’t even care that I couldn’t understand what they were saying, nor that what of the plot I could figure out seemed weak and cliché, or even that the acting was bad, I just wanted to see some hot Chinese fuckin, and I did, once or sometimes twice a flick.

This was before I discovered the joy that is called Masturbation ["partying" to some] so most of the time it was just 6 hours of me, a 12 year old kid, watching Hong Kong B movies in a largely empty movie theater. I did this almost every weekend during the time I lived in this grouphome off of 32 ave in the Richmond district. one weekend while trying to duck out to my little private Asian softcore session one of the other group home kids a Samoan tagger named Tasi [we eventually became best friends], obviously feeling lonely, asked to tag along. I reluctantly agreed but instead of taking him to the movie theater we went to Pier 39 and played video games. I never told him what I originally had planned on doing, and the next weekend when I went to the spot the theater had closed and even though I checked the next few weekends it never opened up again.

Sucks cuz the last movie they were playing looked like it had alot of tit in it.


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