Tuesday, January 04, 2005

getting to know kenny bloggins

So this smokin hot blogger chick linked me to her blog. which still gets 50 hits a day without her even adding anything to it. She's mega cool from what i've read, but i get a feeling that the drama llama shadows her ass a bit. i guess when youre a smarty arty hottie its inevitable that youre gonna get into some frequent fracas. doesnt burn to me though. go ahead girl. live that shit.

one too many xaney naps and guess who was an hour and a half late to work?

This has to be the coolest word I’ve heard in a while:

1. little girls that wear tight low cut jeans and belly shirts like Brittany Spears "Check out those prostitots over there. What ya think . . . are they 11? 12?"

Refer to: http://www.thesource4ym.com/teenlingo/index.asp for more secret teen codes such as:

all up in the kool-aid
1. in someones business. "Thats between me and Pedro -dont be all up in the Kool-aid!"

Thats all. now get up out my kool-aid foo

1. n. (derived from fool) a friend. Whasup foo?" 2. an insulting name for someone. "What you lookin' at foo?"

i added that last bit cuz i just wanted to post more crap. eat it.


Blogger backspacer said...

have you ever looked up a word or phrase in the urban dictionary? funny as shit.

2:50 PM EST  

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