Monday, January 03, 2005

makeshift evenings

i got home about an hour ago. took the F to the D to the M to brooklyn and popped by the corner bodega to pick up a few duece duece's of ol e before i crashed the palace. swallowed a couple xanax almost immediatly after i opened the door. didnt even wait to down em with the brew, just sipped the left over scotch and soda sitting wasted on my coffee table. i rolled and then i smoked a spliff. cracked a 22 and waited to see what would happen next.
nothing yet.
i bet the evening gets lucid. ill be swaying between inspiration and a comfy couch. each thought will be a gentle explosion and ill start. ill start. ill start i swear ill start. the rain will galvanize me into action. each car swishing past my window will add to the dialog. oh yeah. im gonna start.
ill start alright.


Blogger freeker said...

start already.

for the love of the jihad.

9:46 AM EST  

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